Thursday, November 1, 2012

Choose Non-Toxic Kitchen Cabinets

Purchasing discount kitchen cabinets can become one of the best options if we want to get a quality kitchen cabinet with a discounted price. Otherwise, some kitchen cabinets can affect the air quality if your home. There are some materials and finishes used that contain formaldehyde. If you inhale formaldehyde, you will be put in a higher risk to suffer from lung-related cancers. Besides, most stock cabinets are made from medium-density fiberboard. Medium-density fiberboard is the waste from lumber mills which are pressed together with resin in order to get a solid piece of material. Therefore, we should carefully choose non-toxic kitchen cabinets after all.

In order to avoid health risks, we can choose to install cabinetry made of solid wood. Kitchen cabinets made from bamboo can be a good choice because bamboo is environmentally sustainable. The materials of the kitchen cabinet must contain a non-formaldehyde resin. Otherwise, non-toxic kitchen cabinets can be quite difficult to find. In addition, the price is quite costly. If you are purchasing a non-toxic kitchen cabinet on budget, you can try looking for used solid-wood cabinets which are commonly sold at salvage-supply stores. So, are you interested to have your own non-toxic kitchen cabinet?


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  2. Yeah, you should be very careful when selecting kitchen cabinets, some materials do have health risks, you can choose solid wood or stainless steel cabinets.