Saturday, January 19, 2013

Light in Our Bedroom

Lighting in the bedroom.

Easy subject, are you sure?

It's been another tough day and we want to lay back and relax, read a book; we dream of our bed, just have some rest.

We associate our bedroom with senses of relaxation, security and intimacy. Lighting can be used to create the right atmosphere and bring a restful end to the day.

Our well-being depends on the surrounding environment including the light.

The light and the form and shape of the bedroom.

Rooms that are intended for our bedrooms do not always meet our expectations in terms of its size, shape, and position relative to the direction of the world.

Bringing that sense of intimacy to a bedroom can be achieved through the proper use of lighting - subdued or directional lighting can virtually change the aspects and dimensions of a room. If a bedroom ceiling is very low, we can always create the effect of height by illuminating the ceiling. If a ceiling is very high, it's possible to illuminate the floor. If a bedroom is very narrow, try focusing the light on the smallest wall. The addition of a dimmer helps in enhancing the lighting effects.

Light colour and mood and well-being

Today's market gives us the choice of different colours of lighting. Warm lighting enhances our desire for rest and relaxation, cold light colour is better for work. Lighting colour should harmonise with the interior design so that they complement and not spoil the effect you're trying to create.

We can achieve very good results by indirect light reflected from the surface of our walls or ceiling, it also underlined the delicate texture and shape of objects.

Utility Lighting in the bedroom.

In most of our homes the bedrooms have become multi-functional room, creating the right atmosphere is really difficult.

Bedrooms are for sleeping - but they are often used for reading, putting on make-up or dressing. Table lamps on bedside tables or nightstands is a classic option is important if we need to get up in the middle of the night but we may also need lighting to illuminate mirrors or wardrobes. It's possible to create zones in our bedrooms by using proper lighting.

These are just a few tips and solutions which can be used in our bedrooms, it's a very broad topic. In my next articles I will try to bring about the lighting in different rooms of our house, I hope that my advice will be useful.

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