Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lights, Battery, Action! The Multitude of Uses for Colorful Bulk LED Lights

A lot of people these days are shunning traditional lighting - and the utilities expense it delivers - and going with soft and mood-enhancing bulk LED lights for parties and other special occasions. LED lights come in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy to match any event's color scheme or blend in perfectly with any surrounding.

Among the most popular of these lights are those that look like small candles. Typically an inch and a half tall, they're ideal for placing along walkways to guide visitors to an entry door and then later to provide a lovely trail back to their vehicles. They look great on windowsills, stairways, tables, mantles and anywhere else you place them. Some varieties create a charming, candle-light effect by flickering, like a candle in the wind.

Other varieties are designed to alternate between two or three colors. Standard colors of bulk LED cover a wide range such as lime green, orange, light blue, dark blue, pink, purple and red. Run on a battery that lasts from 40 to 60 hours, these little lights glow and exude their colors from within, creating an effect no standard candle can.

With no flame involved, LED lights are ideal for kids' parties, celebrations and other events where young children will be in attendance. The lights are not hot to the touch and will not react adversely when in contact with water. Not surprisingly then, these lights are very popular with parents. When bought in bulk, LED lights are one of a parent's greatest and most economical decorating tools.

LED floating blimp lights have the same function and features as candle lights but are shaped like a disk with a height of not quite an inch and a width of about an inch and a quarter. They're called "floating" because one of their most common uses is in water such as pools, ponds, fish tanks and the like.

By tossing these battery-powered LED lights into water and letting them float as they choose creates an effect that's impossible to duplicate with any other light source. Not only do the floating blimps emit their colorful glow into the air, but they also send a shimmery, sparkly light below them and into the water.

Because you can purchase bulk LED lights in various quantities, you'll always have plenty on hand for any decorating job. Use them for holiday gatherings, weddings, seasonal parties, graduations, dinners and luncheons and at any other time where beauty, mood and safe lighting is important.

In summary, bulk LED lights such as those that resemble candles and those designed to float in the water are perfect accents for any occasion. They come in a multitude of colors with some that flicker and others that alternate colors. They're lovely to look at and safe around children.


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